Swirl has PTC Ads


Traffic Swirl now has Paid to click ads. John added these a while
ago, I have been seriously busy with my offline work so have not
updated my blog since December 30…sorry about that :)

Swirl is still my best TE, the PTC aspect just enhances it all the
more. Here is how you find the PTC ads on the site:

First go to your back office and click on the purple cash link:



Then click on the PTC Ads button:



Now click on the ads, I already clicked half the ads before I took the screen shot:


The cash you can earn is from .001 up to .05 cents per click, it varies per advertiser.

Log in and get your cash today :)




3 Keys To Building Your List

3 Keys To Building Your List

There are 3 Key ingredients when your Subscriber
list. They are as follows.


1. You need an autoresponder
2. You need a lead capture page
3. You need an offer or email series

Click to Read Lead Capture pages Explained

Coming up with an email series and lead capture
page can be a stumbling block for many people.


If you cannot come up with an email series you can
give stuff away like a free download or free credits to
a site you belong to for filling out the form etc etc.


You can also use a 3rd part program like TE Profits,
however as good as a site like that is if you use it
or one like it I highly recommend you modify the
pages and email series to set yourself apart.


The problem with most 3rd party programs is you
end up either sharing the leads you bring in or flat
out losing them to the program owner.


My advice is to take your time and come up with
an email series. If you surf a lot of TE's you will
already have more knowledge than 99% of the
new TE useres out there.


Are you a member of CTP and have done most
of the training? You could write a series on how
to best use CTP, what has worked for you and
what is not working.


Use a lot of PTC programs? Write a review on
the ones that have worked well and on the ones
that have sucked.


Once you get started the ideas will start to flow and
it will just get easier and easier :)


The Responder I recommend is Rocket Responder

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