Merry Christmas



I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and to my Jewish friends
a Happy Hanukkah. Last Couple of years I have made a little page
I put out with Christmas videos rotated in it.


See it here Merry Christmas

I have a goal to get 100 likes and as many tweets and other shares
as I can this Holiday season. If you believe in the Christmas spirit
or just want to help me reach my little goal please hit the link and
use one of the share buttons at the top of the page.


Right now I have 5 videos from youtube rotating, took them right
from youtube so any ads on the videos are not mine. The videos
are as follows:


Frank sinatra: Merry Little Christmas
Celine Dion: O Come All Ye Faithful
Bing Crosby: White Christmas
Charlotte Church: O Holy Night
Carrie Underwood: Do You Hear What I Hear
Bob Seger: Little Drummer Boy


If you have a favorite you think others may like
drop a comment with a suggestion I will try to
put it in.

Thank you, have a blessed and Merry Christmas





Legacyclix PTC From the Legacy Guys

The guys who own the Legacy programs have just
launched a new PTC called Legacyclix.


This is not a review because no way can I give an
honest review after only 1 day of being a member.


However I can tell you this, PTC programs right now
are making people money, some make a few bucks
and some make hundreds a day.


The hardest thing about PTC's are finding the honest
owners. When Nerdbux launched I knew the owners
and I knew it would be good.


But I was busy and took my sweet time joining, big
mistake! By the time I joined they had over 200,000
members! Now it is close to 300,000!

Legacyclix will do the same thing, mark my words,
they are friends and partners with the Timtech guys
so they will get a ton of support.


Most PTC sites have faceless owners, meaning you
never see them or even know what their names are.


The Legacy guys are all over the place, very well known
and very trustworthy, I am a member of many of the sites
they own.


Neobux and clixsense are the 2 big dogs in the PTC
world, Nerdbux is on pace to join those 2 in the near
future, Legacyclix will be right behind them!


I highly recommend you join Legacyclix

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