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List Builder Mayhem



Most of my subscribers already know I love Viral List Builders :)
I usually do not promote them directly but rather have them in
my  recommended resources and such.

This one is different, my Buddy Brent Bertsch just launched a
new Viral list builder ListBuilderMayhem.

How is this one Different?

Most list builders you can mail to a set amount of
people every 3 days or so and also use credits to
increase that number.

Here is where it is different, at LBM when you use
credits any mail not opened you will get that credit
back, That is huge!

Join here

You can also save your ads in the back office and it keeps
track of everything for you.

It tracks total sent, total clicks, and avg click thru rate, very
cool stuff none of my other mailers have at the moment.

You can also schedule your emails in advance, this is also
huge for a new launch or if you just want to set up your
mailing for a specific date and do not want to forget.

This is a new script, it is not the same old stuff and I
really believe all the features will make this an awesome
mailer not just during launch but for the long haul.

Brent is a great guy, I have known him for quite a while,
he does not churn out mailer after mailer, he will be here
at launch and every day after making sure everything is
running smooth as silk :)

Based of my personal experience with the owner and the
kick ass new script I highly recommend this List Builder.

Join List Builder Mayhem

One Time Offers (OTO) and Product Reviews

Troy Cornejo

I just wanted to get this off my chest. If you have been
around Internet Marketing you know when you join a
program or resource odds are real good there will be
a one time offer when you sign up.

It is a time tested tactic to get upgrades and back
end sales, I fine with it and even expect it.

Here is what I do not like, lets say you do a search
for a review on TE Profits. You find one and read it.

The review is decent if maybe a little biased but it
gives the general facts at least and here is where
I have my problem.

When it comes time to talk about how much you
will either get its free to join with a link or you
can join free or upgrade.

If you are lucky they may mention look for the

If it is a true review and you know how much the
upgrades are and how much the OTO is why do
you hide it?

Example I was reading a review on a safelist and
guys says one of the best oto's I have seen and
leaves it at that.

If your site is a guide to good safelists and you
know how much the oto is and it is so good why
would you not tell your readers?

Sorry for the rant but it just strikes a nerve, when
I had no money for upgrades seeing one of those
offers used to suck, at least knowing ahead of
time can ease the blow or even give time to round
up the funds to take the upgrade.

Ok I feel better now :)

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