My name is Troy Cornejo, I started poking around the net about
2007 or late 2006 looking for ways to make some extra money.


The last couple of years I have been able earn some decent
money even while working offline. 2010 and 2011 Christmas was
paid for from online earnings from the dinner to all the presents
for our 2 boys was paid for with my online earnings.


Being able to go to the store and buy food with a pay pal debit
c ard is awesome. Paying your Rent or mortgage with online earnings
is huge. That really is life changing.


I am a construction worker by trade, been building houses
for about 20 years, the last few years I was doing remodels
and some commercial work with a company I was lucky enough
to hook up with.


I do not have to tell you how bad the economy has been the last
4 or 5 years, what started out as a way to make some extra money
has saved our behinds on more than one occasion :)


I do not BS, I tell it like I see it. I will not recommend something unless
I know everything about it, if there is an upgrade I will tell you before
you join, how much it is and if I think its worth it.


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Oh yeah in case you are wondering I am a happily married man with 2 great sons,
we live in beautiful Colorado. I like to fish, watch NFL, MMA and play video games
with my kids 🙂