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Advertising Resources on a Budget

I wanted to list a few of the best resources I use that are
Free or have a very low cost.


Before I begin some of these will have upgrades if they do
I will say what they are and how much. If it is not in your
budget then do not take the upgrade….period.


TE's are pretty much all Free to join and use. I am a member
of many, upgraded in more than a couple. Sites like CTP and
TEP use TE's very effectively.


However most people cannot upgrade in all of the TE's they
promote another thing is when you promote your TEP or CTP
link to all the same TE's being promoted by said sites you can
easily get overlooked in a sea of the same links.


Explosive Traffic

This is why I absolutely love Explosive Traffic, This is a coop
that gets my site in hundreds of TE's simply surfing my current


You put your coop link in your favorite TE, and as it gets hits
your website is shown on other peoples coop links.


I am upgraded in some TE's, example I love hits has a 5
sec timer when I use a CTP battery and during Henry hour
I can get up to 5 credits per click (crazy I know) but my
point is this.


I can slam my coop link in there and in turn have my site
shown all over the net only surfing my favorite TE(s).


So having an upgrade in I Love Hits or any other of the
TE's I am upgraded in  is  like  having  an  upgrade  in
hundreds of them. There are over 1k TE's in the coop.


You can join and use it for free, however if you take one
of the upgrades you get 50% more credits and 50%
commissions on any upgrades. Explosive Traffic


Earn Your Upgrade

Viral list builders can be great sources of advertising if
you are upgraded, you can mail anywhere from 1k to
3k+ every 3 days or so.


Taking the upgrades of course costs money but there
is a site you can actually read ads and trade credits
for lifetime upgrades.

This site is free to join and use and as far as I have
seen there is no upgrade option. I have traded credits
for four upgrades so far, great site. Earn Your Upgrade



Marketers Know How

I use Super Solo ads in Text Ad Exchanges as one of
my sources of advertising.


You send it out from one site and it goes out to many
sites with a slightly higher credit per click for readers.


Marketers Know how is a fairly small site however the
super solo network as I send gets me about 150 hits
per send depending on my subject line.


Super solo ads cost $10 on site but if you take the JV
Partner upgrade  you  get  2  Free  Super  Solo  ads
every month. In 2 months your JV will pay for itself.


Really is a great deal, there will be a one time offer when
you join for more than $30 that includes more advertising
and the upgrade.


If it is out of your budget just pass on it get your Free
account then log in and take the $30 JV upgrade, you
may have to wait until next month to start getting your
free super solo ads.


You can join here Marketers Know How



Coffee Break Ads

Coffee Break ads has the same deal, you take the
Super JV Upgrade and get an ad pack every month.


You only get 1 Super every month but it is a different
network than Marketers Know how so you can send
your ad to 2 different Super Solo networks at the same


You will see an OTO when you join, not sure what
you get but I am sure it has some Supers and a
bunch of advertising if it is out of your budget pass
on it and join for Free.


You can then log in and go Super JV for $25. The
Super Solo ads get about 100 clicks per send.


You can join here Coffee Break Ads


Master Matrix Mailer

Master Matrix Mailer has a similar deal but you
get a massive ad pack when you take the initial
$24.99 ad pack.


You can join free here Master Matrix Mailer




Traffic Pro List

This is a safelist from Tom Brown I put it here because
if you take the oto for $67 you get 1 Free super solo
every month.


His network has over 45,000 members in it and it
is a good Network. Join here Traffic Pro List



IBO Toolbox

IBO toolbox is a huge assortment of tools you can use
to get your links traffic, show your youtube videos use
the on site blog, post on the wall there.


This site is 100% Free, the branding you get with it is
good, the fact that it is free amazes me.


You can join here: IBO Toolbox

Those are a few of the resources I use that can make an
impact for the good on your advertising needs fairly quick
for a decent price or free in some cases.

To your success,


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