I got an email asking me how I promote TEP because
they were not having good results trying to get ref's.


TEP and CTP are both very popular in the TE's, so
the basic affiliate pages are seen all the time. That
means people start to ignore them.


I have found the best way to get people to look is to
make a lead capture page and include the links in the
email series.

What is a lead capture page? Click here

You can also use a splash page not using the program name
or any of the images from the site so they have to click
on it to see what it is.


Also promoting those 2 in list builders and safelists
will get some fresh non TE eyes on your pages.


In the end making a unique page will always get better
results and using an email series helps quite a bit as


TEP has an email series you can use if you are an
upgraded member.


Not going to get into making an email series in this
blog post or it will read like a book lol.


Bottom line, using your own splash or lead capture
page will net better results and use mailers along
with TE's to get some fresh eyes on your pages.






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