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PTC Madness 1, 2, 3, and 4!

PTC Madness part 1

Right now Nerdbux has the $97 Lifetime upgrade
going in the back office. Looks like it may be there
all day today.

If you want it join for Free if you see an OTO skip it
log in and click the upgrade link in the right, you will
see the $97 lifetime option. (yes I took it)

Join Nerdbux here


PTC Madness part 2

PTC Professor is having a black Friday Lifetime Deal
$50 for a Lifetime upgrade, this is very good and yes
I also took this one :).

Join for Free, skip any OTO you see Unless it is the
Black Friday $50 Lifetime deal. Log inif you will see
the $50 Lifetime special if you did not get it at sign up.

Join PTC Professor here


PTC Madness part 3

It is important to note when one of your referrals takes an
upgrade in a PTC you make very little commissions, like
$1 or $2 and it is usually $0 on the upgrade.

You earn money when your downline click on ads on the
site, this is why a site like PTC Professor can really help
you earn exponentially more money.


PTC Madness part 4

The one exception in the PTC world as far as upgrades go
is clixsense, You earn $2 per referral & upgraded members
earn down additional 7 tiers $1 per referral….what!

Here is the crazy part, Clixsense is one of the very best PTC's
been around a long time and they always have ads to read, it
also has one of the cheapest upgrades of them all!

It is only $17 for a year or $30 for 2 years ( I took that one).

Join Clixsense here


This ends my PTC Madness post :)


John Bells Deals are going to be good

I got a sneak peak at the special offers John Bell is going to
have Starting Friday 29th 12am est.

Way to many to list so just go to this page and take a look.

Click here to see the offers





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