Click Track Profit Review

Click Track Profit Review

What is Click Track Profit?

Click Track Profit is a program specifically designed to build downlines in Traffic
Exchanges and provide extensive video training on tracking, and over all  Traffic 
Exchange  use.  It was created by and run by the TimTech guys.

How does it work?

You use splash and lead capture pages to promote Click Track Profit in Traffic
Exchanges. As you get sign ups they will go through an extensive series of video
training. And I do mean extensive.

I joined and wanted to run through the training quickly as I have been around
and really do not need most of it, however the system will not let you fly through
it. It will only release the training videos as you complete tasks. The first of the
tasks is inserting your links into 8 programs, you must insert your link to move on
in the training so right off the bat you have a chance to gain referrals in 8
programs including and Adkreator.

The steps right below are all about using an auto responder to build your
own subscriber list, this my friends is priceless.  The Responder they use
is very good and the price is incredible for what you get.



You will Build TE Credits

With many programs that build TE downlines people will join and only surf enough
to get activated and then  put  in  their  link.  Click  Track  Profit  will  have  your
referrals surfing like mad lol. The tasks are heavy on the surfing, the goals are no
joke. It took me way longer than I thought it would to finish all the training.

What is Expert Certification?

As you complete training you get Certification stamps, first one is CTP certified
and then the next one is Expert. You can also get Badges while surfing in some
exchanges, it is pretty cool and can really break up the monotony of surfing.
There are also Money badges.

A money badge is collected and you get real money for them, they can be anywhere
from 1 cent to $10, I have cashed out a little over $10 on money badges so that is
a cool little perk.


Does it work?

The training will have your sign ups busy for weeks even months if they take their
time and that just builds your TE credits as they complete tasks. Once they join
odds are real good they will be hooked on the badges and game card, when you
collect all the badges in a game card you get a Trophy and points towards stuff,
real stuff like shirts, coffee mugs, xbox, TV, etc etc.

I traded my points for a logitech webcam 🙂

As far training for newbies yes it works, it had some of the best tracking
training I have seen online I learned a few tricks
and I thought I was just
going through the motions.


How Much is it?

Click Track Profit can be joined and used as a Free member, you will be limited
in your CTP commissions and training. Free members only get 10% commissions.
Upgraded members of Click Track Profit get 30% commissions get bonus videos,
mastery training and access to anything new that gets added in the future. Oh I
almost forgot you get random referrals too. When you join you will get an oto for
$77 Lifetime, if you pass on that it is $9.97 a month or $97 a year.

Is it worth it?

I took the lifetime offer so I could give an honest review on if it is worth it. I have
made a few bucks and the training while I did not need it is pretty good. Especially
for newbies but even for experienced marketers.

In the end CTP is a giant funnel  designed to have you join as many of the TimTech
sites as possible, I knew that going in.

Of course you will have your links inside when you have a prospect enter the funnel.

If you surf a lot joining as a free member is advised if just for the money badges
and the new prize wheel.

Now is it worth taking an upgrade?  I think it is just for the training
and increased commissions however if you are on a tight budget no
worries you can join for Free and upgrade any time.


A little secret, they sometimes have awesome lifetime special
upgrade offers during holidays like Labor day and Christmas.
So if you join for Free be on the look out for those 🙂



Join here Click Track Profit



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