European Safelist

The member base is just under 12k and the regular
safelist mailings get decent hits on my mailings.

Here is what I love about Eurosafelist, I took a Pro
upgrade, that is $7 a month.

As a pro member you get a few things:

1. 140,000 start up credits
2. Can send up to 3 credit emails a day
3. Get 80,000 monthly credits
4. You get a fully functional auto responer
5. Full html editor for your ads
6. You get 1 Free Solo ad every month!

The credits are awesome, the editor is cool and if
you need the auto responder that is also cool.

What I love is the Free Contact Solo ad I get every Month.
Solo ads cost $12.50 each, so the $7 per month for pro
pays for itself and then some every month by giving me
a free contact solo ad!

Contact solo ads in safelists pull much better than any
other solo ad because they go out to the contact address
of all the members of that safelist.

What do I mean contact address?

What do I mean contact address? When you join a safelist
you submit a list address, this is where all the safelist ads
will go and you submit a contact address this is where
admin messages and solo ads will go.

The contact solo ads are separate from the regular safelist
mailing and give more credits per click so they get much
better opens and conversions.

I sent out a simple splash page in a solo ad, was not
my best work lol but even so it had over 400 hits and
14 conversions.

What do I mean Conversions?

By conversion I mean someone clicked a link on my page or
filled out a form while they were collecting credits, if you get
good conversions that means the readers are active.

What about Raw hits?

The hits I am not concerned with, its the conversions I
look at. If a mailer or safelist gets good conversions I
do not care how many raw hits it gets, I use and will
also recommend it (like right now).

If it gets a ton of hits and no conversions then they
are just wasted hits, of course your page has a lot
to do with conversions but you can compare the stats
with other sources using the same page.

Bottom Line it

Bottom line, I do recommend European Safelist,
Even as a free member it is a good safelist.

I highly recommend the Pro Upgrade for the Free Contact
solo ad you get every month, very much worth it.


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