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Explosive Swirl Traffic

Ok so what the heck is Explosive Swirl Traffic?

Traffic Swirl is my favorite Traffic Exchange, and Explosive Traffic
is my favorite TE Tool.

Click here to read my review of Traffic Swirl (new window)

Click here to read my review of Explosive Traffic (new window)

Now here is how you can use these 2 together to get 1250
hits to your site spread all over the net in the nest 1/2 hour.

Join Explosive Traffic I recommend the yearly upgrade but free works too.
Insert your link in the coop and then grab your coop link and join Swirl.

Join Traffic Swirl and use promo code SignUpBonus

Use your explosive Traffic coop link as your website promoted in Swirl.

You will get $1 placed into your account as a new member
You also will get 100 free credits for being a new member
and 650 more free credits using the promo code SignUpBonus.

Take that $1 and buy a 12 hour 50% timer boost and surf surf surf.
After you surf 30 pages or more I will send you 500 more credits.

Your coop link will be in Traffic Swirl, you will collect  credits in
Explosive Traffic and in turn your site will be seen on TE's all over
the net.

I have had my site seen on over 345+ TE's using explosive traffic. The
real cool thing is Traffic Swirl has so many games and they are easy
and quick. You can trade prize money for a 12 hour turbo timer boost
it really is an awesome combo.

I highly recommend Traffic Swirl and Explosive Traffic.

To your success,
Troy Cornejo


Explosive Traffic

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