Explosive Traffic

This new Traffic Exchange can be a serious game changer. Basically it is a giant
co-op. You surf your favorite TE’s as per normal, insert the Explosive Traffic
co-op url and get hits to it.

As you get hits to the co-op url you build credits in explosive Traffic. Think
about it, if you have a TE(s) you are upgraded in you get higher credits per

So you can use your upgraded TE’s or your favorites to spread your site
in TE’s all over the net.

You can join for free and use it effectively as a free member, there is also
a low cost upgrade that will increase your credits when using the co-op.

Before you pass on this upgrade think about it, it is like getting an upgrade
in multiple TE’s as the credits you earn are being spread all over the net!

As always I will tell you how much the upgrade is, it is $35 for a year, I
took it with a quickness, to me it is an awesome way to get my sites on
TE’s without ever having to join them let alone surf them!

Join here Explosive Traffic

Happy Surfing :)


P.S. in case you are wondering auto surfs are banned so yes
you are getting manual traffic only to your site(s).

P.P.S. When I took the upgrade I was given 12k credits :)





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