I have posted about Fast cash and traffic
before, but in case you do not know what
it is here is the condensed version :)

FCAT is a Pro only TE, it also has a mailer
where you can email 2000 or more every
3 days, great site.


Now for the good stuff


Here is the deal, you can earn reward points
simply surfing 50 pages in a day, you get 1 to
5 points, it is random.

You can trade said points for stuff including a
LIFETIME Pro Upgrade :)


Join here


That takes 500 points, based off an average of
2 points per reward it will tak 250 days to get to
500 reward points, it should take less because
I think the average is more like 3 points.


Did I do it?


Yes I joined, took the yearly one time offer for $25,
I surfed 50 pages a day (you can miss days) until I
had 500 points and yesterday I traded them for a
lifetime Pro Upgrade :)

I cancled my $25 yearly subscription and now I
have a lifetime upgrade in a good TE and mailer.


What is the big deal?

The lifetime offer is normally $97, I got it for $25
and that is 74% off, who doesnt like 74% off?


Pro Only TE


FCAT is pro only, what does that mean? It means
you are advertising to PROVEN buyers, just being
a member makes them a qualified proven buyer and
that my friend is the target audience you want :)

If you want a pro for only $25 one time here is what
you do, Join fast cash and traffic, hit the banner



Take the One time offer when you join for $25 yearly,
it is a subscription, then surf 50 pages a day, try to
to do it everyday but you can miss days of course
ther is no penalty.

When you reach 500 points trade them in for a
lifetime Pro upgrade, go to your pay pal or payza
subscription and cancel it.


It is just that easy, I did it, you can too.


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