Why Build Your List?

Troy Cornejo

Why build a subscriber list?


I have had debates with people that say,

"Troy all you need is a website and good seo"

AKA high google, bing, and yahoo page rank.


Now yes having a website with good seo is
awesome if you can get it and keep the seo
current and avoid the algorithm changes.


But lets take a look, every major store has
a website and I promise they have sweet seo
that is kept up to date.


Wal mart, Target, Amazon and so on, you know
what else they all have? A subscriber opt in
form to give customers updates.


I know because I get the emails all the time
from all 3 of them when there is a sale or
a special promo about to go live.


I even get them from my local grocery store,
it is just good business.


It is all about repeat sales for them.

How does this relate to you?


Let me give you an example, lets say I just
joined program XYZ and I love it, so I send
out a broadcast to my subscribers.


You get my email and take a look at XYZ, you
decide man Troy is right this thing rocks! So
you join and take an upgrade for $50.


You have your own subscriber list and now you
want to share XYZ with them so you send your
own email to your list.


As an upgraded member of XYZ lets assume you
get the standard 50% commissions on upgrades.


You have a modest sized list of about 1000, out
of those 1000 25%  (250) open your email.


Out of those 250 10% (25) join XYZ.


Out of those 25 2 decide to take an upgrade and
you just made the $50 back you paid to upgrade.


Imagine having 2k, 5k, 10k or more on your list….


Obviously there is no XYZ product and we made
no sales but that is exactly how it works, I have
seen and experienced it first hand many times.


When wal mart sends out a broadcast to 100k do you
think it generates any online sales or motivates a
person to grab the car keys and drive there?


You bet it does 🙂


In order to build your subscriber list you will need
an autoresponder. One I like for price and function
is Rocket Responder.


For me it is just the best when you look at price and
function, I have a review of it here: Click here


To your success,


Why Some Take Massive Action and Others Don’t

Why some take action and others don't

The #1 thing that separates those that make money and those
that do not is the mental state. Now yes having a budget to
advertise with  and  being  able to  buy  tools  etc etc helps
but it all comes down to one major factor, you have to believe  
in yourself and what you are doing


I have experienced this first hand online and off, in jobs and if
you have ever played any kind of sport you already know how
important visualization is, it just flat out works. Before you do
anything else I highly recommend you watch this video with
Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, and John Reese.


Tony Robbins Discusses with John Reese and Frank Kern Why Some People Take Massive Action and Others Don't.


My First Commission

I remember the first time I made a commission online, it was $7.
Up until then I was unsure of what I was doing to be honest but
I  knew  if  others could do  it so could I.  When I got that email
that said congratulations Troy you made a sale! I was so excited.


You know what happened? I re-doubled my efforts because I knew
if I could make $7 why not $70 or even more? I ended up making
about $300 or so but even more my confidence level just grew.


When I first started looking for ways to make money online my fear
of failing held me back on more than one occasion, I am a carpenter,
my tool of choice is a hammer how was I going to do this? I started
looking at what other people were doing and realized the only way
to make it is to take action and that is when I made that first $7 sale.


It's All In The Mindset


After multiple Christmas's paid for, food, Trips to the movies, bills etc etc,
all paid for with our online earnings it is not can  I make money it is how
much can I make?


See it is all in the mindset, yes getting training and advice from those that
do make money helps no doubt but it all starts and ends with you. It sounds
corny but it is so true I cannot stress it enough, if  you believe in  what you
are doing  you will  have success  and your  confidence will rise and  it just
builds on itself.


Just remember Money can be made online, it is being made, you can make it too.


To your success, Troy

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