From time to time I will make a special offer for the subscribers
to my blog and email list. The offer could be for a Free Super solo
ad somewhere, maybe a Promo Code I was able to get from an admin
I know.

I will also from time to time offer cash back rebates, how will I do this?

Example: Program X has a one time offer for $97 I make $40 on
every upgrade I get so I in turn send out an offer to split my
commission with anyone who takes the OTO, so you would get a
$20 discount for taking the upgrade when joining under me.

Before you take an upgrade in a program you might want to take a
peek or ask if I have a special going on it :)

I love doing this when I can, it helps you with a cool discount and of
course I still make a few bucks, it is a win/win situation.

Only subscribers to my Blog or email list get the offers so I highly
recommend you fill out the form to the right to subscribe.