My Daily clicks

My Daily clicks

There are so many Traffic Exchanges and  PTC programs
out there it can be hard to decide what ones to use.


It is virtually impossible to use them all every day.
So here is what I do.


Every day I have 3 PTC's I log into and click at least
5 ads. I just started doing this recently.



Why only 3?

Why only 3? Well for me to stay focused and not get
burnt out I picked what I feel are the best 3 around.

All have awesome track records for paying out, and
of the 3, 2 are growing fast so getting direct referals is
a little easier.

This is slow going, something to do daily and let it build,
getting referrals and being upgraded will speed up the
earning but the key is to click them daily without fail.

I only do 3 but obviously if you have time you can do
more, some people do 10 or more every day.


Have I upgraded in any?

Of these 3 Clixsense has the best yearly upgrade
option, I paid $30 for 2 years of premium, great deal.
It is $17 for 1 year in case you are wondering.


Nerdbux I paid $97 for a lifetime upgrade, it was a
special deal but I still see the option in the back
office so look for that if you join.


Legacyclix I paid $47 for a yearly upgrade, I took
that because it is low compared to most PTC
upgrades and I figured it would be very popular
based off of the owners, I was correct on that :)


You do not have to upgrade in any of these to earn,
If you are on a tight budget and cannot afford to take
an upgrade, simply put DONT TAKE ONE!

Just click your ads daily and try to get some referrals
to help boost your earnings. You can save earnings to
upgrade if want or simply stay a free member.

Where do I advertise?

You can use Text ad exchanges, Mailers, and TE's. If
you look at the tabs at the top of this blog you will see
2 promo code pages, you can get some free advertising
from those.

You can also use the PTC's themselves.

My Favorite TE System


Check out how i use these 4 programs to explode
my links all over the net Click here














Swirl Birthday Party

Traffic Swirl is having a Birthday Party

$2,000 Cash Giveaway! Nov. 1-11th

$1000 Referral Contest – $1000 Birthday Gift Box Giveaway!
We're giving away $1,000 to our top referrers, and an
extra $1,000 in bonus prizes in our Birthday Gift Boxes!


Referral Contest Rules
Earn 25 Points per referral.
Earn 1 Point per dollar Commission Earned.
Earn 50 Points each day that you surf 50 or more pages.
Earn 10 Points each day per referral that surfs 50 or more pages.
Top 500 Point Earners Will Win Cash!


If you are a member good luck if not join below :)


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