TE Profits Review

TE Profist review

What is TE Profits?

TE Profits is a program designed by Scott Douglas to utilize mainly Traffic exchanges to build Traffic Exchange downlines and get paid to do it you can also optionally build a subscriber list using the system and an AutoResponder.

How Does it Work?

TE Profits members use splash and lead capture pages in Traffic Exchanges, when a prospect fills out a form or clicks a splash page link they are taken to the site or given a report to read that will be populated with your links. When they join the main site they will be presented with a "Funded Proposal".

What is a Funded Proposal?

A Funded Proposal is a way for you to make some quick sales from an inexpensive program. In this case TE Profits uses Fast cash and Traffic to generate quick sales for you. It is a TE that has a very low upgrade price starting at only $3.95 a month!

This creates up front income to help pay for your other tools and advertising. I wont go
into details here I will just say it is a good business model and it works well.

Does TE Profits work?

Short answer:
Yes, I have made sales in Fast Cash and had sign ups in various Traffic Exchanges and
even some upgrades in a few of them.

Longer answer:
The info in TE Profits is great, it is some of the best you will read online. The pages and tools provided are awesome, however if you use your own custom page with your picture on it you will set yourself apart and do even better. I would also recommend promoting it in Traffic Exchanges yes but also in Safelists and in Text Ad Exchanges to get some fresh non TE eyes on your pages.

Do I recommend TE Profits?

Yes I do recommend TE Profits, The program is solid and ever evolving with the times as needed. The owner and Admin Scott will not bombard you with offers like so many admins. It has good  training and an email series you can load up and use. There is also good video training in the back office.

Bottom line it, How much?

You can join TE Profits for Free and use it for free however free members are limited in the number of links they can insert in the programs in the back office and in the amount they can earn in commissions. Free members earn 25% on upgrades.

When you join you will be presented with a One Time Offer to join as a Partner. Partners get a whopping 75% commission, more splash and lead capture pages and access to the pro referral builder.

The Partner upgrade is $27 lifetime. If you pass on it you can take Pro for I think its $46 at a later time So Partner is HIGHLY recommended by me, for a system like this $27 lifetime is dirt cheap!

I love TE Profits, the price for what you get is ridiculously low. Take the Partner One time offer!

Join here TE Profits

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