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TE Toolbox

What is TE Toolbox ?

TE Toolbox is a collection of internet marketing tools all in one place. A splash page maker,
ta rotator and a tracker it is from Jon Olson (I love hits) and Tim Linden (StartXchange) who
also own Click Track Profit.

How does it Work?

Well this is pretty much self explanatory, the rotator will rotate a collection of links with one
link, every time that link is clicked another site in the rotation is shown. What I love about
this one is you can use an ad bar on top that shows your referral link to TE-Toolbox or one
of 9 Traffic Exchanges or None at all. Most rotators online force you to use their ad bar on
top period. You can also filter your rotator so that it will not show on the same domain it
is promoting.

The splash page maker is pretty good, AdKreator is much better but it can definitely make
some good splash pages,  I tossed this on up to show you Click me

The Tracker, this my friend is the thing you want, I love this tracker. The best I have ever
used. Most trackers will track hits, or raw hits and unique. Some will even track IP and
domains. TE Toolbox will track the hits and also the conversions.

What is a Conversion?

A conversion is when someone clicks a link on your page. TE Toolbox’s tracker you do not
need to ad anything to the end of the link to track it, you can customize it if you want but
the link will track how many hits it got, the domain it came from, and how many conversions
it got from that domain.

Knowing how many are clicking links on your page is huge, if a site only gets you 50 hits in a
mailing yet converts 1 or more times you bet it is worth using.

If you were using a standard tracker you would only see raw and unique hits and have no clue
that it is actually one of your better mailers conversion wise.

This tracker has helped me see what mailers work, even the smaller safelists and mailers you
can see if it has responsive membership and if its worth using and the traffic exchanges it is
good for all the same reasons, you can see how many conversions it gets and tweak your
splash page to try for better results. You can do even more with the TE Toolbox tracker as
seen in the very good CTP video training and the video training in TE Toolbox itself.

How much is it?

TE Toolbox can be joined and used for free, free has very limited amount of tools, 10 trackers
no branding tool, 10 thank you ads, only 10% commissions.

Pro is $9.97 a month or $97 a year, you get unlimited websites tracked, unlimited banners,
unlimited thank you ads, 30% commissions.

You will also get a one time offer at sign up for $97 Lifetime.

Is it worth it?

Yes, it is so worth the one time offer! Being able to track your ads like that is priceless. If you
take any oto this is the one I would take first. The only other tool that I would keep over this
is TrafficWave and the 2 combined are lethal! My advice is take the TE Toolbox OTO.

Join here TE Toolbox

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