How to get 1650 credits


First thing you need to do is join, I am sure you already
did that but if you need to re join you can do so here:


Join Traffic Swirl here


Once you have signed up you need to check your email
that you used to sign up with. You will have an email
from Traffic Swirl. If you cannot find it check your spam


In that email will be a verification link, you will need to
click that link to verify you are a real person who indeed
signed up.


Now log in to Traffic Swirl. Member Log in


In your back office at the top hover your mouse over account,
you will get a drop down menu, click on Promo Code.

There will be a place to insert a promotional code, use this
Promo code: SignUpBonus

That will give you 650 free credits.



Now in your back office click on surf


Surf at least 50 pages to activate your account!


Surfing is easy there is a bar at the top of the page, a timer
counts down 8 seconds then you click on the matching symbol.

It looks like this:





Once you have surfed at least 50 pages I will give you 500
as my way of saying welcome and thanks. Activate

your account within 24 hours of joining and I will double
my bonus to 1000 credits.



After you surf your 50 pages you must send me a message
on my profile in Traffic Swirl and tell me you surfed 50
pages, I will then send my bonus to you.


I have over 200 referrals so unless you send me the message
odds are I will not see that you surfed your 50 pages.


Obviously this is only for members of my downline, so in case
you stumbled onto this page and are already a member I will
of course be unable to send you credits lol.



Happy surfing :)

Troy Cornejo

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