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What is the best AutoResponder? Lets take a look

Over the last 5 years or so I have used a few of them. The best AutoResponder
used by the majority of internet marketers are these 3:



There are a few others like Response Magic and I-Contact but those 3 are what
most Internet Marketers use.

To be 100% honest the best AutoResponder is Aweber

That being said the differences in all of them listed including Aweber are minor
and surely not a deal breaker as far as function and deliver-ability goes.

Which AutoResponder am I using?

The Responder I am using is TrafficWave. Why am I using TrafficWave when I
just said Aweber was the best?

The major factor for me is Price. The price for TW is so much better it is ridiculous.

List Size:
Constant Contact









If you plan on building a list that is less than 500 you are good to use any one you
want, as soon as you go over 500 you can see the price raises and raises, if price is
not an issue for you then you can try Aweber.

However the differences in aweber and TrafficWave as far as function are as I said
very minor but the price difference is Major lol.

TrafficWave 30 Day Free Trial

I Recommend and use TrafficWave, You can take a 30 day free Trial without putting
in any credit card or payment info.

I you like it and want to keep it put in your payment info before the 30 day trial is up,
if you decide its not for you simply let the free trial expire and you are done, no tricks
and no surprise CC charge because you forgot to cancel a “free Trial”

Join here TrafficWave




Note: there are a few free auto responders out there never use one
of those, they are very limited and delivery an issue.

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