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What is is simply the best tracker I have ever used period.

How does it Work?

I love this tracker. The best I have ever used. Most trackers will track
hits, or raw hits and unique. Some will even track IP and domains
. will track the hits and also the conversions.

What is a Conversion?

A conversion is when someone clicks a link on your page. You can also
set it up to track opt ins on your responder form as a conversion, you
can also track your thank you pages as conversions as well, simply


This tracker you do not need to ad anything to the end of the link to
track it,  you can customize it if you want but the link will track how
many hits it got, the domain it came from, and how many conversions
it got from that domain.

Knowing how many are clicking links on your page is huge, if a site only
gets you 50 hits in a mailing yet converts 1 or more times you bet it is
worth using.


If you were using a standard tracker you would only see raw and
unique hits and have no clue that it is actually one of your better
mailers conversion wise.

This tracker has helped me see what mailers work, even the smaller
safelists and mailers you can see if it has responsive membership.

In the traffic exchanges it is good for all the same reasons you
can see how many conversions it gets and tweak your splash page
to try for better results.

You can do even more with the tracker as seen in the very
good CTP video training and training in the 14 videos on itself.


How much is it? does not have a free option, you can take a free 30 day trial
but the lowest it goes is $9 if you go monthly. You can save $18 and go
yearly, that is the marketers plan and for that you get unlimited
trackers and hits tracked.


I use the marketers plan and it is most likely all you will ever need
however there are upgrades available should you need them, you can
look at the pricing here: Pricing and plans


Is it worth it?

Simply put…yes! I love it and use all the time, I lets me know what
pages are working, what sites are converting and what sites are a
waste of my time.

If you are unsure take the 30 day Free trial, watch the videos and
get a good feel for the site, if you decide you do not need it simply
cancel and move on.

I think you will love it as much as I do if you are serious about the
results you want from your advertising efforts.


Join here

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