Why Take Upgrades?

I have taken quite a few upgrades in TE's
safelists, list builders and a few other tools.

If it is in your budget I advise you to do the
same thing with your most used resources.



For me there are 2 reasons, first and formost
is time. Second is Money.


What do I mean Time?

Most resources like a TE, Safelist or list builder
you need credits so you can send out your ads.

To get credits you have to surf or read emails to
collect credits. That takes time and can easily
consume all the free time you have.

As an upgraded member in a TE you get a higher
credit per click and most will give you credits
every month for being upgraded.

The same holds true for safelists and list builders,
higher credit per read and many will allow you to
send out ads to 3k or more every 3 days just for
being upgraded (priceless).


What Do I mean Money?

As an upgraded member you will always get a higher
commission on any sale or upgrade you make in that
particular site.

All it takes is a couple of upgraded sign ups and it
will usually be enough to pay for yours and you can
even pocket a few bucks or more.

I love taking lifetime upgrades, they cost a few more
bucks yes but in the end they have paid for themselves so
many times over.


Why Lifetime Upgrades?

Lifetime, think about that for a second. You get a lifetime
upgrade and anytime you need to advertise you can log in
and boom there it is.

You are broke but need to advertise? That lifetime upgrade
is there and ready, no surfing for hours, no reading eamils
for hours, log in and use your advertising.

So when I see  lifetime offer on a site I like I jump all
over it.

I will give you an example of how it has helped me:

Classified ad board just launched I joined and sent an email
out to my list and got a few sign ups. I been working about
1 1/2 hours from home and working 9 hour days, that is 12
hours out of the house every day.

So I had little or no time to advertise, but having so many
upgrades I was able to send ads out in the moring before
work and also put my link in my TE's and just let them fly
while I was at work.

I ended up getting over 70 referrals and placing in the
top 10 in the referral contest some from my list but mostly
from my upgraded ad sources.


What if you are on a tight budget?

If you are on the tight budget and cannot take an upgrade
no worries, been there done that. I did click like crazy
when I was on a tight budget myself.

When I started to make money I immedietly invested in
myself by upgrading my advertising resources.

So when you start to make money I highly recommend
you upgrade in some of your resources weather it is
a Favorite TE, Safelist, List builder or even taking the
big plunge and finally using an auto responder.

Take action and invest in your business and you.


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