Your EZ List Special Offer

I have a special offer for you in Your EZ List.  I just joined Your EZ List.
First thing I noticed right off the bat was the offer to go Platinum was
ridiculously low, only $10 lifetime!

You read that right only $10 Lifetime to mail 3k every 3 days! If you want that
upgrade I will give you $3 cash back, so you are getting a lifetime Platinum
upgrade for only $7!


After you take the Platinum upgrade you will get one more offer for a JV Partner
upgrade, this is $97 Lifetime. I took it.

As a JV Partner you get 100% commission on all upgrades, I am a JV so this puts
me in a position to make you a very special offer.

If you take the JV Partner offer I will send $45 right back to you!

I paid $10 + $97 = $107 to go JV Partner

You will get Platinum for $7!

You can get JV for $52!

I paid $107 you can get it for $7 + $52 = $59!

In case you are wondering if the mailer is any good, I sent out a last night
and I have 5 conversions today, it is already one of my top performers.

Of course you can join Free or only take the Platinum offer, it is a good
one, upgraded in a good mailer for $7 is crazy!

If you want to take advantage of my offer join here Your EZ List

Take the Platinum upgrade for $10 I will send $3 right back, if you
take the JV Partner for $97 I will send $45 right back!

At the very least take the Platinum upgrade it is the cheapest I
have ever seen in any mailer and this mailer is Good, one of
my best already.

Join here: Your EZ List

Then leave a comment here and let me know you joined me and
took an upgrade(s).

Obviously I can only give cash back to my own downline members
and only for the one time offers so be sure to join under me


I have decided to keep this offer open until further notice however
I may remove it at anytime, so take it while you can :) .


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